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Important Questions to Ask Potential Roofers Before Hiring Their Services

Before you append your signature on a roofing contract with a roofer to repair or replace your roof. There are some pertinent matters you need to keep in mind so you can have a smooth project going on. The sheer number of roofing companies in the industry today means there is potential for unscrupulous services providers. The responsibility is on you to ask potential service providers the most relevant questions so you can get to hire qualified and experienced roofers. You don’t want to be part of the statistics of a roofing project gone wrong because you didn’t do your homework right.

Hiring a roofer shouldn’t be taken lightly whether you want to fix that leaking roof or the shingles that are falling off. You need to ask potential roofing contractors for this important information, after all, they will be climbing up a ladder to tear your shelter apart, right? Do you have a local physical location? This is arguably one of the most important questions to ask and will act as your guiding point to the rest of the questions. Never make the costly mistake of committing to a roofing company with no local office. Should something go wrong with the roofing project you need a fallback plan and a place you can trace the roofing contractor. No doubt a service provider that takes their business seriously will invest in having that professional image, and that starts with a having a physical business premise.

Is your roofing company licensed, bonded and insured? We can never overemphasize enough on the need to work with a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor. The license is proof enough the roofer is competent to fix all your roofing needs. The insurance, on the other hand, protects you as the property owner from damage that is likely to result to your property. And finally a bond is your consumer’s financial investment.

Should I be expecting any roofing warranty from your roofing company? Yes, without a warranty that is valid, you will be left in the cold, literally should something go wrong with the roofing project. Confirm, if they recommend you on the best roofing materials as most of those, will have lifetime materials warranty. They should further go ahead and issue a workmanship warranty which should be OK should they be competent in their work. Does your roofing company give written roofing estimates? The serious roofing companies will always provide a detailed roofing estimate with details of how the project will span out from the start date to finish date and all other nitty-gritty of the project.
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