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Transform Your Lifting Routine with These Specialty Barbells

Perhaps one of the best powerlifting equipment that you should use for your training is the barbell. Even with the use of a simple barbell, an athlete can already complete a great majority of his weight training. The barbell is the center of any effective weight lifting program even if there are other equipment that can be used for your weight lifting routine.

Here are some specialty bars that can be used for different skills and different athlete.

If you have a shoulder injury or poor shoulder flexibility, then the buffalo bar is for you. It is just like a regular straight barbell but has a slight curve. Since the bar rests down the shoulders, stress is taken off it, and it also allows the hands to grip lower than on a traditional bar.

The cambered squat bat is for those who want a different squat experience. Using this bat requires skill and perfect technique. With a U-shaped cambered squat bar, pressure will be taken off your shoulders and is a great way to change the way your perform squats. This bar is not for beginners but with experienced athletes, this bar gives variety and help activate new muscle groups.

If you want to find tune your bench press and refine lower and mid sections of the lift, then the cambered bench bar is for you. The middle section of the bar is straight but with cambered ends. In each press, the athlete can dip down to a lower point with this bar.

Like the buffalo bar, the safety squat bar is ideal for those with shoulder injury and flexibility issues. This is a bar with padding around the neck and shoulders as reinforcement. This is a very versatile bar that can help train the lower body and back muscles. It improves both the deadlift and the squat. To use it properly, you need concentration, skill, and control.

If you are training deadlifts, then it is ideal to use the trap or hex bar. The design of this bar allows lifters to stand inside the weight instead of behind it. It makes deadlift easier on your back.

Multi-grip bars or football bars and swiss bars offer straight bar benefits with varied grips. Football bars are straight bars with multiple 90 degree angle grips. You can find other angled grips on a Swiss bar. These bars can help an athlete perform lifts with a more neutral wrist. This helps relieve shoulder stress.

A thicker version of the standard straight barbell is the axle bar or fat bar. In order to hold the bar stead, you need a greater grip. It increases grip strength and forearm muscles and adds a new dimension to your powerlifting routine.

These types of barbells should be used more to be more successful in your powerlifting training.

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