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Choosing Between Grass-Fed or Grain-Fed Beef

Today, people are debating on whether grass-fed beef is better than grain-fed beef. There is a lot of emotionally charged debate going on in certain places. If one analyzes both sides, you will find some advantages and disadvantages to both types. Here are some points of comparison between the two kinds of beef.

IT is important, first of all, to define the words that we will use. When we speak of grass-fed beef, what we mean is beef that is entirely fed on grass throughout the life of the animal. When we speak of grain-fed beef, it does not mean that it has eaten only grains for its entire life. For most of its life, it has been fed grass but just prior to slaughter, the cattle was fed with grain. The contention of many nutritionists is that the nutritional value of the beef is compromised because of the addition of grains to its diet.

Out basis of comparison between the two kinds of beef will be according to price, taste, and nutritional value.

Today, there is already an increase of grass-fed beef being sold in the market because of the high demand for it. The price of grass-fed beef is surprisingly higher than grain-fed beef. And the reason for this is fairly simply. When you feed grain to beef, they will have more bulk and so it bring down the cost per pound of beef. This is why it has lower costs in the store.

The appearance of grass-fed beef is noticeably different than grain-fed beef. The darker color of grass-fed beef is due to the absence of fat marbling that you see in grain-fed beef since grass fed beef is purely lean beef. Grain-fed cattle does not only have more weight, they have more fats as well since grains add fats at a very fast rate before slaughter. With these fats, the taste of the beef will be much richer.

Proponents of grass-fed beef will make their case with its nutritional value. Grass-fed beef have lower calories, have more vitamins A and E, and have higher levels of antioxidants. You can also find healthy omega 3 fats in them. If you compare the omega 3 fats in grass-beef and salmon, you will find grass-fed beef omega 3 fat content to be quite negligible.

It is worthy to note that grass-fed beef in low in calories. You don’t get much calories eating this kind of beef. This translates into a few pounds. You should eat this over the tasty, fatty beef if you want to lose weight or control your weight.

The debate goes on. And there is still the antibiotic issues to deal with and more. Both sides have their good and bad points and so you should have your own choice based on their arguments. The decision is solely yours whether you will eat grass-fed or grain-fed beef. It is you who will ultimately decide whether you want to eat healthy or you want to eat with pleasure.

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